Tekxit 3 0.971

Tekxit 3 0.97

Tekxit 3 0.96

Tekxit 3 0.95

Tekxit 3 0.94

Useful Infos

MultiMC Client Install

1. Download and install MultiMC at https://multimc.org/
2. Download the Tekxit MultiMC version you want
3. In MultiMC click
-> New Instance
-> Import zip
-> Pick the downloaded zip
4. Play and have fun
The technic and multiMC pack are the same. This means you can play together without issues.

Server updating

Don't forget to create a backup before updating!
To update your server (my way atleast) delete the config, libraries, mods, scripts folders along with the forge and minecraft_server.1.12.2 jars from your servers folder, then copy everything into the updated server folder

Download Problems

Don't download the modpack files from Google Chrome, use Mozilla Firefox or god forbid Microsoft Edge/Explorer in order to download the files. Chrome doesn't like the packs files too well.

Changelog 0.97


- Inventory Sorter (mods > inventorysorter-1.12.2-1.13.3+57.jar) https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/inventory-sorter
- YABBA (mods > YABBA- https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/yabba https://github.com/LatvianModder/YABBA/issues/114
- AttributeFix and by extension FTBLibs (mods > AttributeFix-1.12.2-1.0.10.jar, FTBLib- https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/attributefix


- Animania 1.7.3 (Tons of behavior fixes and also Animals no longer spawn at 0,0,0 o.o)
- BattleTowers 1.6.5 (Changed to ruins type spawning system.)
- Buildcraft (General bug fixes.)
- CCTweaked 1.85.0 (Adds and changes some commands.)
- Chisel (Moves mod out of Beta to Release, adds some new blocks, fixes a TON of bugs.)
- CodeChickenLib
- CreativeCore 1.9.70 (A good amount of new methods and general bug fixes.)
- CTM (Moves mod out of Beta to Release, general bug fixes.) (Clientside)
- DungeonTactics 0.16.6 (New and fixed items, crafttweaker fix.)
- EnderCore 0.5.72
- EnderIO 5.1.52 (Tons of bug fixes and some item/block/gui adjustments.)
- FoamFix 0.10.8 (Maybe the final 1.12.2 release, apparently disables or removes unsafe settings.)
- FORGE (Stuffs n stuffs.. Maybe I messed up something here, it's been a while :3 For server replace libraries, forge jar, server jar.)
- Forgelin 1.8.4
- IC2C (A good amount of bug and crash fixes, also an option to fix the horrible gregs.)
- iChunUtil 7.2.2 (Crash fix with GooglyEyes.)
- JEI (Moves mod out of Beta to Release, mass amount of fixes.)
- LagGoggles 4.8 (Fixes spongeforge crash.)
- LittleTiles 1.5.0-pre173 (A truly massive amount of bug fixes, amazing as always.)
- HarvestCraft 1.12.2zf (Okay pam, you can stop adding plants now ;-;)
- RandomPatches (Fixes MC-5694 - Reliquary (Fixes mob charm and rending gale crashes, some other general fixes.)
- SimplyJetpacks2 (General bug fixes.) - SmoothFont 2.1.1 (General bug fixes.) (Clientside) - TConstruct (New blocks, items, and lots of bug fixes.. Thorns and compiled damage crashes fixed.. this is a Beta release.)
- WanionLib 2.4
- XaerosMinimap 1.18.6 and XaeroWorldMap 1.5 (Ton of bug fixes and crash fixes, hopefully this finally solves the crashing issue some people have..) (Clientside)


- Fixed / changed the solar panel recipes to make more sense, now you wont need 99999999 eu to make a basic hybrid panel and making ultimate hybrid wont be easier than making a hybrid. (scripts > Advanced Solar Panels.zs)
- Fixed bibliocraft disk rack spitting an error. (config > recipehandler.cfg > jds.bibliocraft.containers.ContainerDiscRack)
- Fixed dungeontactics config issues due to format changes. (config > dungeontactics.cfg)
- Changed battletowers aluminum ID to thermalfoundation:material:132 instead of galacticraft ingot. (config > battletowers.cfg)
- Changed reccomplex aluminum ID to thermalfoundation:material:132 instead of galacticraft ingot. (structures > active > AbandonedChest.rcig, MesoStorageChest.rcig)
- Disabled over powered Greg trades. (config > ic2 > ic2.cfg)
- Disabled no team notification and team autojoin. Not sure how teams will change servers, experiment I guess. (config > ftblib.cfg)

Changelog 0.96


- Treecapitator Updated by ZenCoder/bspkrs. (mods > bspkrsCore-universal-, TreeCapitator-client-1.43.0.jar)
- LagGoggles. (mods > LagGoggles-FAT-1.12.2-4.6.jar)
- Unidict has been in the pack, I just never listed it for some reason, so here it is.


- AE2 rv6-stable7 (Backend fixes.)
- Buildcraft (Various crash and bug fixes.)
- CCTweaked 1.84.0 (Added window.getline and cc.expect, various bug fixes.)
- CreativeCore 1.9.61 (All you need to know is he/she added a LOT of methods and fixed a LOT of bugs and made a LOT of improvements.)
- CodeChickenLib (Stuff)
- EnderCore 0.5.65 (???)
- EnderIO 5.0.50 (A metric ton of QoL changes and also bug fixes.)
- EnderStorage (???)
- MultiPart (???)
- CFurnitureM 6.3.1 (Adds support for giphy links on tv.)
- IC2C (Fixes some bugs, important ones like machines getting jammed, also adds some config options and stuff.)
- IndustrialForegoing 1.12.13-237 (Fixes some bugs, most importantly fluid pump thinking flowing fluid = full fluid.)
- IronChest (Fixes massive hopper lag and disappearing inventories issues, again maybe?)
- JEI (Fixes some bugs.)
- LittleTiles 1.5.0-pre157 (This guy must be a robot, seriously, I read through it, theres no way to make a summary of updates this big.)
- RandomPatches (Fixes compatibility with LittleTiles, misc fixes to fixes.)
- SoulShardsRespawn 1.1.1-13 (Fixes a spongeforge crash.)
- TwilightForest 3.9.984 (Lots of additions such as planks/stairs/fence/ladders/advancements/items/and more, plus tons of QoL and fixes.)


- Enabled RF/FE energy only input/output for galacticraft, with its own energy being able to input/output too ofcourse. (config > galacticraft > power-GC3.conf)
- Change IC2C rf conversion rate to fix infinite energy loop -____-... (config > ic2 > ic2.cfg > I:RFPerEU=4)
- Disabled experimental setting due to negative effects. (config > foamfix.cfg > B:fasterEntityDataManager=false)
- Treecapitator optimizations, also players will only be able to cut trees of a max 1000 blocks. (config > treecapitator.cfg)


- ChunkAnimator due to lag on low-end machines. (config > chunkanimator.cfg, mods > ChunkAnimator-MC1.12-1.2.jar)
- Old treecapitator port due to closed source. (config > treecapitator, mods > Treecapitator-1.12-at_0.9a.jar)

Tekxit 2 2.24

Tekxit 1 1.14